Keiko Masumoto & Sake No Hana-酒の花

Dates : Tuesday 3 - Tuesday 29 July 2014
Venue : Sake No Hana-酒の花
23 St.James's London SW1A 1HA

Organaizer:Sake No Hana-酒の花
Supported by A Space For Art

ICN will collaborate with Sake No Hana - 酒の花 from June 2014 till March 2015.
First exhibition : June - July 2014 by Keiko Masumoto

The challenge of 'breaking the master and disciple relationship between vessel and its motif' lets the motif to extend out of the frame of vessel. Her style of work is full of humour and displays a wonderful sense of energy as a young artist, her works do not limit themselves from the world of ceramics and interestingly appeal as installation work too. As well as ideas, there are comprehensive techniques of Japanese pottery that engages all kind of audiences.This exhibition features Masumoto's new works from Artist-in-residence at the Victoria and Albert Museum also, installations with a flock of geese.

Artist Profile

Keiko Masumoto [motif/vessel]- vimeo

Toshiba Japanese Ceramics Resident at Victoria and Albert Museum, Keiko Masumoto
    April - September 2013

Artists in Residence at LDF 2013