Gen Miyamura

b. 1980; Shizuoka Japan

Miyamura graduated from Niigata University with a Master's Degree in Calligraphy. Sublimating the beauty of traditional characters and abstract expression through radical approaches, he has developed his works in various media and fields, from design to fine art. He has won a range of awards including the prizes at Mainichi Shodo Exhibition & Association, which is the most honorable calligraphy exhibition in Japan.


IMAGE LANGUE is a Bokusho (abstract expressionist calligraphy) representation that can be deciphered using an arbitrary language system. Instead of using existing conventions of letter formation, this is an attempt by Miyamura to give meaning back to Bokusho expression through his unique linguistic system. As a secondary expansion, he developed this experimental project to apply the aesthetics of Japanese calligraphy to graphic work through radical interpretation. The works are reconstructed by first assigning a linguistic sound to an abstract form and then combining them to create words.

This project creates new images of words by taking out corresponding abstract pieces from the "IMAGE LANGUE" table and reconstructing them in collages.